Who We Are

We are Jan, Irmi, Malena, Micha and Enya (and of course a bunch of animals that live here with us!)

During your stay you will surely see us, so let us to introduce ourselves.

Jan ministered 4 years to drug addicts in communities in France and Hongkong. After that, he studied Economics and Chinese followed by working in leading positions within a large German Corporate for 15 years. Irmi is a former youth pastor with degrees in nutritional advisor and systematic counseling with decades of experience.

WE ARE CRAZY enough to have left everything behind –
A house, hobbies, and friends. “The fruit of ‘letting go’ is the birth of something new” – others talk about it, we just did it.

WE ARE PASSIONATE about life, love, restoration, reconciliation, and marriages & families.

WE LOVE to help people discover their purpose and reconnect them to theirselves, their beloved ones, and their Creator to lead a truly healthy and purpose-driven life.

Thats why we also offer counseling (Single or Couple) and lead seminars about life-relevant topics. 

If you want to know more about that: