Mandala Desa strives to provide you a secure and healthy environment inviting you to forget the burdens of daily struggles and come to a place of rest, even during Pandemic!

Here are some of the provisions to facilitate a great holiday despite the virus:

1) During booking:

  • To provide you the needed flexibility and lower your financial risks, we provide free refund, should the virus prevent you from attending Mandala Desa.
  • To increase safety, we only allow guests from the same family/organization or community to stay within one villa (“stay in your safe bubble”), beds are to be shared only with your closest family.

2) During your stay:

  • The villas spread throughout the large property are spacious and allow you and your beloved ones to enjoy your privacy with plenty of safety distance to other villas or guests.
  • Our premises is well prepared to accommodate the needed etiquette to prevent unnecessary risk, such as sinks, hand-sanitizer, medical equipment, spare masks etc.
  • Our staff is well trained to help the guests stay within the safety boundaries so all can maintain peace of mind.

All this is to provide you and your beloved ones a special time-out in the midst of turbulent and disruptive seasons.

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